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Georgetown University is one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, offering a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world. We are a vibrant community of exceptional students, faculty, alumni and professionals dedicated to real-world applications of our research, scholarship, faith and service.

Established in 1789, Georgetown is the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university. Drawing upon the 450-year-old legacy of Jesuit education, we provide students with a world-class learning experience focused on educating the whole person through exposure to different faiths, cultures and beliefs.

Students are challenged to engage in the world and become men and women in the service of others, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. These values are at the core of Georgetown’s identity, binding members of the community across diverse backgrounds.


Research Associate

March 2020 Washington, DC
“Great mentorship, opportunity to lead my own project, opportunities to submit to conferences and write a manuscript for publication. Able to do it very part-time, and like it so much that I've continued the work into the school year. Super flexible. ”

Research Assistant

June 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
“I absolutely loved working in Professor Silva's lab! The schedule was flexible, and the grad students working in the lab were immensely helpful and kind. Would recommend.”
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Research Assistant position at Georgetown University?

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